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Крокет — спортивная игра, в которой участники с помощью специальных молотков проводят крокетные шары через серии расставленных на игровом поле воротиков по определенному маршруту в соответствии с правилами игры.


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What is bikepacking

Among the major fads in the bicycle industry in the last few years — bikepacking. A great deal of points demonstrate this: a substantial frequency of ask for words bikepacking in internet search engine, a bunch of hashtags with it on social media networks, a lot of write-ups and video reviews, a large revival in the bike devices market, and even significant modifications in the series of bicycles themselves. In this write-up, we attempted to answer the question: what is bikepacking and what are its advantages?

What is bikepacking?

Most likely, you will certainly not locate a clear and also comprehensive meaning. Basically, bikepacking — it is a principle of transferring tools on a bicycle that depends on two pillars: the application of easy-going practices and also the even distribution of equipment along the whole bike. Follow the link paid research paper at our site.

Bikpacking does not involve the focus of all cargo on one of the trunks. The equipment is outlined in several small bags, the main of which are: seatpost, in-frame as well as handlebar. Also, part of the tons can be connected to the structure as well as fork of the bicycle. Of course, the total volume of bikepacking bags is most often substandard to typical side bike bags and also «trousers» backpacks that are placed on the trunk. Therefore, the 2nd identifying feature of bikepacking — ease of motion.

Do not think it’s everything about making use of ultralight gear. The focus is much more on avoiding over-equipment, preceded by a thoughtful analysis of the course, when it is determined what will really be required heading and what is ideal left in the house.

In the US, the word bikepacking is strongly connected with long-distance cycling races with self-sustainment, amongst which one of the most famous are Trip Split (4418 km), American Path Race (8047 km), Iditarod Bike Race (563 km/ 1609 km). In Russia, the path of such a biking race is still being created by a group of enthusiasts and also consists of three checked out segments with a size of 1000-1300 km. The race is called Tour Unite as well as has actually been held annually considering that 2017.

Riders are autonomous — there are no phases, food points, escort vehicles and also support groups. Race paths in most cases lie much from hectic roads, mostly on soils and gravel roads. Rapid flow of many sections needs sensitive control of the bicycle, and also for overnight stays you require a collection of bivouac tools. For that reason, the suggestion swiftly settled below to use a minimum of equipment distributed along the entire bike — for maximum speed as well as control on the course.

One of the most striking attribute of bikepacking is a collection of a number of bags of tiny quantity. Today they are utilized not just by racers, but additionally by bikers and even city slicker. Therefore, we will harp on them in a bit more information.

The Benefits of Bikepacking

Bikepacking is an alternative to traditional methods of transporting freight by bike:

Rear rack + bicycle backpack-“pants”

One of the most popular package amongst the majority of cyclists in the post-Soviet space. Classic «» trousers»» are a mono-volume U-shaped bag with straps to make sure that it can be continued the shoulders if required. Such bicycle backpacks are cheap as well as dependable, yet get wet, hard to pack and also mount, not global, and likewise adapted for usage only with a rear rack.

From the background of bikepacking

Provided the surge of passion in bikepacking in recent years, it may appear that the idea of delivering cargo on a bike this way appeared fairly lately. However, it is much from brand-new. Bikepacking is virtually the exact same age as modern bicycles. In-frame and also purses commonly show up in photos of cyclists at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The tons along the structure was dispersed by the initial cyclists and motorcyclists at biking marathons, citizens and also even the armed forces! The reason was most likely prosaic — not all bikes in those years were outfitted with luggage carriers from the producer. And usually they were completely deprived of places for them. And as soon as trunks became a mass phenomenon, the practice of bring all the cargo along the bicycle structure came to naught for a long time in order to go back to the modern-day period for other factors. So everything brand-new — this is a well-forgotten old one!

Родиной крокета считается Англия. В Классический Крокет "10 воротиков" (CC-10) играли в России и во многих  Европейских странах.  В настоящее время Россия является единственным держателем традиций Классического Крокета "10 воротиков" (CC-10). Основным видом современного спортивного  крокета, по которому проводятся международные турниры и чемпионаты, является Ассоциативный Крокет (AC) -  по названию английской ассоциации крокета, традиционно развивающий этот  вид крокета. И современная, более упрощенная его разновидность – гольф-крокет (GC).