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  • SafeHistory stops you seeing what hyperlinks you’ve got visited in several instances whenever you would like to know, and allows the page to see in several circumstances when it should not.
  • Now that Firefox three stores 90 days of historical past, it could dig up a great variety of pages I’ve visited.
  • Bz was saying that you have to base this on actual exams , not simply guesses.
  • 1) It would still be potential for an attacker to assemble a convincing phishing web page that appears like Wells Fargo to a Wells Fargo customer and Citibank to a Citibank customer.
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It’s not really a bug in Firefox it’s a bug within the HTML spec that ought to be closed however in the meanwhile this QAD solution works simply fantastic. Firefox will be the only browser that would be capable of blocking this exploit then. I don’t know, beyond that large numbers of sites distinguish visited links primarily based on colors. If the page reads the structure, or does some rendering that is determined by visited state, the precise worth within the structure wouldn’t be read, and it will be spoofed as unvisited. The final stage of adding link color would be after the web page had finished rendering (into non-display memory), so it might be tougher to time. The norm for the final donkey’s years on every browser has been that visited hyperlinks are at all times shown as visited whether or not they’re on the identical area as what you’re currently viewing.

Another method to retain partial performance for foreign hyperlinks can be to set a flag on a hyperlink once it gets activated, so that at least so long as the web page isn’t reloaded or nonetheless within the fastback-cache, the links show up as visited. Guess a few starting URLs that the user is more doubtless to have visited (e.g planet.mozilla.org, slashdot.org, news.bbc.co.uk) and put them on a webpage. Shared components utilized by Firefox and different Mozilla software, together with handling of Web content material; Gecko, HTML, CSS, layout, DOM, scripts, images, networking, etc.

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If I am on an net site A and I click on on a hyperlink to another web site B, it might be good if any hyperlink to B may be seen as “visited” by A. What do you suppose about limit the visibility of “visited” for a website A to different domains that had been visited having A as referer? I suppose it is a bit better that simply limiting it to identical area. Nonetheless a relational database to track visits like Places makes implementing a SafeHistory-like built-in feature trivial, if builders are motivated to do it and have some fundamental SQL skills. Last time I checked, Places lookups weren’t the quickest factor on earth. Last time I checked, taking canvas screenshots (via drawWindow(), I guess) was not allowed to content scripts.

This does decelerate the attacker, however the attacker can still get non-public information from every click. Let’s say an internet web page shows N hyperlinks that every one say “Click here to continue.” The unvisited hyperlinks are styled to blend in with the background so the person can’t see them. The visited links are seen because of the visited hyperlink styling, so the consumer solely see the visited ones. Then the attacker can discover out the place the user’s been by which hyperlink they click on. Please, give customers back the power to style visited links’ text-decoration, opacity, cursor and the remainder of css-properties that we might harmlessly spoof. I do not perceive that test fully, nevertheless it seems to involve accessing an information structure in regards to the web page.

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If there were such, which may additional downgrade severity. Sounds such as you want format.css.visited_links_enabled , which has been around for some time . No, it’s not meant to fix any attacks that involve user interaction.

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Are you positive that you had really entered the non-public browsing mode? If you had, your window title should have had “” at its finish, however within the screenshot that you’ve got got posted, that’s not the case. Perhaps as soon as there is a call to read a pixel it switches to a double-rendering mode the place 2 bitmaps are maintained, and most rendering is copied into each. One is displayed, and link colour is dependent upon whether the hyperlink has been visited.

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Yes, that is upsetting in your case of PowerPC Mac, however this bug is not the proper forum for that question. I haven’t got the time now to work on this extra, however you presumably myfreecam can fork my code above to check this text-decoration concern. Because outline doesn’t transfer the content at all, it can only change a colour.

Thunderbird or NoScript can disable this limitation , and individuals who do not care a lot for the security problem as nicely. Another attention-grabbing factor that can be accomplished since bug was mounted is to know in real time when someone clicks on a link. For instance, you can go to a web page that did the kind of tracking described above, then hold it open in a background tab. If I click on on a narrative on slashdot that I’ve not read earlier than, that hyperlink will instantly turn out to be ‘visited’ on the monitoring page. The tracking page will then fetch all of the hyperlinks on that web page. It could then follow me as I have a glance at a wikipedia page linked from the feedback, and any subsequent pages linked from there. In order to fix the bug that I was setting the father or mother fashion context incorrectly for the if-visited style data for hyperlinks that had been descendants of other hyperlinks.