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Classic croquet

Classic croquet

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let me introduce one of traditional Russian sports to you, an old variety of croquet that used to be popular in Russia for many decades.

Russian croquet derives from its English ancestor, having with time gained certain features of its own. People play croquet with beautiful large wooden balls (4 inches, that is10 cm) as they used to play in the old days, on a playground with 10 hoops (eight single hoops and two criss-cross hoops in the middle of the court, the so-called “mousetrap”) and two pegs at the edges of the croquet court. Two teams that normally consist of two players head to each other. Balls of one team are marked with red stripes, and those of the other team, with black ones. The goal of each team is to cover the distance from its pole to the opposite one and return back first. Naturally, in addition to the skills that enable them to accurately kick their balls, the players should master tactics of the game.

The main difference of this croquet type is that you can play it on a comparatively small playground (5Х11 meters). This enables you to arrange a game practically anywhere if there is a level ground there, e.g. in a recreational area, near a summer cottage or on a household plot, and simply anywhere in the country where you can go for a picnic. We believe it is especially interesting that those who live in northern countries can play this game indoors on an artificial turf! Quite so! Whether it is winter or off-season, whether it snows or rains, you can play this summer game in a warm room on a small playground!

Another important difference of Russian croquet is that an average duration of a game is but 30 to 45 minutes. Such rapidity of the game makes it very dynamic, venturous, and fascinating, which makes it possible to easily hold various kinds of tournaments and championships.

This type of croquet becomes more and more popular in Russia. We have resumed not only summer tournaments, but winter contests as well. Those characteristic features of the game we spoke about earlier make us believe that croquet has promising future in Russia.

We will be happy to offer any interested persons to get acquainted with the long established Russian croquet here in Russia, say, in the course of a tour of this country or in one of the manor museums of the nobility. We are willing to bring and deploy our equipment for you on your premises, whether in winter or in summer, teach you how to play the game, and arrange a tournament in the open air or indoors.

We will be also glad to consider any cross offers from sports clubs, companies dealing in leisure and recreation, and individuals, how to develop Russian croquet.